Possible to get the image from the PCB and on the site in vector format? Or something traceable?

+1, was going to ask about this myself…

I’m afraid it’s pixels all the way down…

But I know an illustrator who did the “Platypus Controlled” PCB logo, he might be able to rework it vector-style. Let me check with him. Or maybe @rumpelfilter, who is an illustrator by trade, will have fun doing that :slight_smile:

I managed to track down a fairly hi-res image of the logo (including full body)in gif format; 1117x1225px.

Err, how can I attach images?

Put it in “textile” mode and enclose the URL in exclamation points,

Interestingly, this does not look exactly like the image I “traced”, but is quite similar indeed.

Anyway, I got someone to draw me something in this style, but with vectors - I should get it within a couple of days - because I assume raster art like this will take more machine time on Ponoko…

That looks pretty much on the money, Close enough for me,

Yes, it definitely costs much more to do raster. IMHO, the vector engraving looks much better anyway, I personally would only use the raster to fill vector art.

if it is black and white vectorizing it is not a big deal



Any chance of getting the platypus vector?




I wonder if cafepress got their copies of the art. :wink:

Yeah, Funky t-shirts designs are on my TODO list. Speaking of cafepress, are you the mysterious one who bought the poolpy thong?

I don’t know where the sunbeams end and the starlight begins…

it’s all a mystery.