Lofi ambient modular album: midcentury modular - arps


Working on the production of a cassette for a collection of tracks made with modular synth and guitar pedals. Here are a few pre-release tracks!

MI modules used:

arp of contemplation is Just Type (Just Friends in a polysynth mode controlled by Monome Teletype, being triggered here by self-patched Befaco Rampage), ran through a phaser and RE-20 space echo set to slap back. Clicks and pops are using too small of a recording buffer or some other DAC-ish issue (which I think in this case works in the favor of the track, at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

arp of the spectrum i is two voices: plucky sound is Just Type again, ran through warps and the mystic circuits 0hp LPG. rings-y sound is rings (heh). All pitches controlled by various teletype patterns, triggered by Tempi. RE-20 is turned on and off to get the prominent delay-ing near the back half of the track. The drones are a few overdub tracks of the Meris Mercury7 shimmer reverb pedal pitching up and down the “dry” track.

arp of the spectrum ii is Rings, with parameters controlled by Ableton’s arpeggiator modulated with a bunch of Max for Live LFOs, and the free version of the Spektro Audio CV Toolkit. The weird spacial/chorus-y stuff (especially noticeable at the end of the track) is created by overdubbing the Meris Polymoon about as fast as it can go and manually modulating the dynamics knob.

Lo-fi-edness is created by a combination of the Instant Lo-Fi Junky and Elektron Analog Heat (most likely in one of the 3 “chill” modes (boost/saturation/enhancement) and with the 12db LPF engaged with a small amount of resonance.)


The record is out (digitally) today! Cassette production got pushed back a little, but they will be finished and ready soon if anyone is interested in a physical copy.

A few download codes if anyone would like to redeem a free download of the release:



Hey! Thanks for the codes. Had a quick scan through but I’m in a noisy office right now so I’ll give this a proper spin at bedtime when I can digest it properly. Liked what I heard though :+1:


Thank you, glad you have enjoyed so far!


Hell yeah!


Thanks for the code. Enjoying it so far!


Thanks for the kind words and good vibes!


I have some cassettes available for arps if anyone is interested. Art + photos by Kaanchee, dubbed/printed/etc. by Cryptic Carousel. You can purchase at the Bandcamp link below:

Here’s some more pictures with some of the beautiful MI patch cables :slight_smile: