Lockdown Cleardown . .

Hi Fellow MI Enthusiasts

Has anybody else found themselves doing a much-needed modular cleardown during the current situation? I have found myself at home, with no work and no income (self-employed), but with some projects to finish; plus I have been contributing to a distance collaboration project that a friend of mine is co-ordinating.

As a result I’ve been assessing a couple of modules that I either bought in happier times, didn’t get on with and put to one side; or no longer feel fit my work method. Thankfully no MI modules involved!

So, out went the Cyclonix Shapeshifter - it didn’t give me what I thought it was going to, so time to move on

Out went the Qu-bit Rhythm - I used it alongside two Grids, but have decided that the Grids are enough.

Kept the Soulsby Oscitron - it’s not massively user-friendly, but the sounds are good if you persevere

Kept the Qu-bit Bloom - it’s an absolute pain to program, but the results are worth it if you’re into random or semi-random possibilities

As soon as cashflow improves I’m going to buy a Plaits. It’s been on my shopping list for too long now . . .

I’ve found myself in a similar situation; plenty of time to create, but a kind of overwhelm with available options that needed to be addressed.

So I made the painful decision to sell my Buchla 200e modules. I have a giant rack of MI modules, a full compliment of System 500 and a 5 panel Serge that I built when I worked for STS in Oakland, so there are more than enough modular options for making music. It was great owning a piece of Buchla history (I bought these from Don himself, whose workshop was just down the street from my home), but they were being under-utilized and needed to go to a place where electrons would flow through them more freely.

As I’m sure we all know, limitless options are crippling - it can be very helpful to clear out tools. you’re no longer using. Stay healthy and safe everyone!

I’ve had time to look at my system, so I’ve sold my Beatstep Pro, ModDemix, Fluctuations Magnetiques, Optomix, ma CP3 mixer and STO…

So I bought a Tuesday, Planar 2 and a Dynamix. I might buy the Keystep Pro when it comes out or a new watch…but it’s good to have a cull and a reshuffle now and then.

Glad I’m not alone in this! My system isn’t massive

but it is approaching that difficult “Can I justify another case” stage . . .

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