Loading a patch bank at once?

Some members of this forum have shared banks of patches, and I have begun to load those patches into my Shruthi one by one by sending each .syx file with MidiOx and by saving the corresponding patch individually.

That’s very time consuming and I’m wondering if there is there a way to load a whole bank of patches into a Shruti at once?

N.B. Loading a full MIDI backup wouldn’t meet my needs because I don’t want to override my own patches, I want to load the patches to a given memory location (e.g. load the 128 patches a bank into memory 333-460).

I guess I could append all the .syx and insert a ‘write request’ after each patch dump, but that would take even more time and it would not be a very flexible solution!

Is there a librarian software for the Shruthi?



I also use ShruthiFI

ShruthiFI is exactly what I need.