LM7905 etc

I have these voltage reulators:

LM7905 (chip label reads L7905CV)
LM7805 (chip label reads L78S05CV)

Problem is the datasheet say their output is 2milliamps, where as the BOM requires 1,5milliamps. Will they be suitable?

I’m not sure what you mean by “require 1.5mA”. What is the exact name of the parameter you are comparing?

The wallwart delivers at least 200x this current, and the circuit takes 60x this amount, so I doubt there will be any problem.

The parts in the BOM (using the tech specs from the distributors) specify 1,5mA output. These I have lying around are 2mA. But I thought they would be find, just didn’t want any mishaps.

I’m pretty sure you mean 1.5A and 2A respectively, otherwise they won’t even be able to power an LED… :frowning:

Can’t imagine any manufacturer stupid enough to make a unusable regulator, so I’d assume that you’re good to go… :slight_smile:

Sorry, yes. I meant A

Yup, go ahead and use them, bog (slightly upgraded)standard voltage regulators :slight_smile:

The Shruthi takes between 100 and 200mA depending on the LCD used. Even if the regulator delivered only 250mA, this would be OK!

Every 3 Pin TO220 Package Device labeled with 7805 and some more Ciphers will do