LM4040 substitution?

Sorry if this has been answered before, I searched and couldn’t find anything. Building my Anushri (purchased kit from MI) - looking for the three LM4040 voltage references, and not finding them - instead, I find three components with the following markings on them: 22ME7YE NFC411 T1. Are these the LM4040’s?

the only other semiconductors that are used 3 times besides the 4040 are diodes and TL072 so it’s a good chance that it’s them


Thanks for the confirmation!

In my 2nd run Anushri kit build, I received 2 of the “22ME7YE NFC411 T1” parts above, but also one labelled “09MFVHE NFC411 T1”

Is this also an LM4040?


Thank you again.

Anyone know the exact part name for this replacement? I can’t seem to find the datasheet for it. How does it compare it to LM4040’s A, B or C accurateness?

This is a LM4040. It’s just that the labelling is confusing.

The exact part I order for kits is 595-LM4040C41ILP from Mouser.

Ahhh, thank you for clarifying.

If Mouser is out of stock, then have a look at Reichelt, they have the highest grade too…

A bit late to the party here but just building a second Anushri for my Eurorack and spotted that ideally I should use A or B grade LM4040s. The only ones in stock I can find are these at Reichelt.

but it has an output voltage of 10VDC whereas the one which comes with the kit is rated at 4.096.

Is this one ok to use and what are the consequences of simply using the C grade ones supplied with the kits? Thanks for your help…

C grade is fine too, but it has to be 4.096V

This component is a voltage reference. The voltage is the primary characteristic for this component, it’s not jut a “rating”.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll go ahead with the ones supplied in the kit then.

I’m reconstructing expo converter for my DIY eurorack VCO. Is it possible to use single precission refference like this: http://www.tme.eu/cz/Document/1777de3723879038022f61a64e11b234/ref192gs.pdf
It has max 8ppm/C in datahsheet.
Would it be enough to leave out negative compensation feeding CV input?
Or is it possible to invert it through an opamp?