LM13700 DIP16 ending?

I seem to recall that MFOS stocked them as they were more universally useful for the designs on the site.

Here we go, it does not mention the LM137000 only the equivalent possibly moving to surface mount.

“We bought a BUNCH of JRC 13600D DIP16 chips. These chips are the equivalent of the LM13600 and LM13700. As far as MFOS projects go they work the same so we bought a bunch to keep everyone supplied with this critical component.”

Errm, the 13600 and 13700 aren’t equal depending how you use them. Some Juergen Haible projects require 13600, some other projects must have the 13700 for instance. Maybe you can sub back and forth in MFOS projects…

There were some DIYers complaining when the NS 13600s were discontinued about 10 years ago precisely because of what @jojjelito said, but life goes on.

Jojjelito, the text is copied straight off the MFOS website. It probably does only apply in that context.

Juu juu! I perused electro-music.com and the following tidbit explained why you can subst 13600 and 13700 back and forth in the MFOS world: “The Soundlab doesn’t use pin 2(15) (the linearisation diodes bias is connected here) so I don’t think it matters”.

Wikipedia had some more (correct in this case) facts to add: The darlington output buffers on the LM13700 are different from those on the LM13600 in that their bias currents (and hence their output DC levels) are independent of IABC pin. This usually results in performance superior to that of the LM13600 in audio applications.

Anyway, YMMV in terms of substituting these. Neither is that hard to get hold of at the moment.

BGA is rubbish if chips get hot. NVidia GPUs have failed due to the solder fracturing.

That NVidia story had more to do with the fact that the fill material for the flip-chip bump was changed and no one spotted it, or was trained to deal with those kind of issues at NV at the time. So, it wasn’t so much the solder balls themselves as the bump material and thermal stressing inside the IC package. But, I know several ppl who were able to rescue their gfx cards by letting them sit in the kitchen oven to slightly reflow the solder balls…

I just got Apple to replace my logic board in my laptop, next day service and a free repair (they send NVidia the bill).

I’ve seen x-ray type pictures of the solder though and it had fractured.

I do believe the point is valid though, DIP will eventually fizzle out. I still think it would be a good idea to buy up some just for safe keeping. I’m prolly gonna throw 10 on my next order for stock. But, for the record, I’m currently in the middle of building up stock on lots of parts. Eventually I want to tackle building a modular synth and I want to get a good head start first on parts.

But, yes, it is stated that as far as MFOS goes, the 13600 can be directly substituted for the 13700.

Cool! I got reminded of the old Charlie Demerjian story once more. That guy will talk trash about anything nV does, as does Fudo (Fuad Abrazovic) about ex ATi now AMD to some degree. In this case he was right on the money. Sometimes it’s the solder balls, sometimes it’s electromigration, sometimes it’s the underfill material and thermal stress on the chip.

I never had a Mac with one of those problem chips, but one of my brothers and my mother had to have their laptops replaced under warranty due to this horror story. First the WiFi died, graphics problems ensued. nV shortly thereafter exited the chipset market. Now they stick to pure GFX chips plus the Tegra for embedded use.