LM13700 DIP16 ending?

Just read that (sooner than later) they will only be available in SOIC, not DIP16. Any validity to this? Maybe I’ll do a mass purchase next order from Mouser just to be safe.

If the circuit uses the Darlington buffers (= Ambika SMR4 card ; but not Shruthi-1 SMR4 mkII), using a 13600 instead of a 13700 is a bad idea. The LM13600 has CV bleedthrough on its buffers.

Where did you read that?

on MFOS. Although, the more I read it, the more it seems like they are talking about the equivalent 13600. I’m going to send them an email to clarify.

Haven’t seen any warning on TI/National’s website. Manufacturers usually publish notices in advance when this is going to happen, and you have some time to plan.

There’s 875 in stock at Farnell (EU), 144 at RS UK. Doesn’t look like they’re in short supply.

The text on MFOS’ website sounds more like a commercial argument to buy a stash of these chips, rather than a factual information about their disappearance.

Oh, and one thing to be careful about…

The LM13700N has been recently discontinued… in its non ROHS form. If you search on Mouser or Farnell you’ll see both a LM13700N and LM13700N/NOPB. The later is the ROHS compliant reincarnation…

Actually that’s what I thought when I saw your message - that you saw the LM13700N listed as “discontinued” on some website and misunderstood it.

If anything will cause a shortage it is a posting about there being a shortage. Panic buying.

I’d better have a look on stocks then!

Mouser US shows 2,680 LM13700N/NOPB in stock and that they are new to Mouser. Could be MFOS was referring to the 13600. I shot them an email. I’ll post the reply.

Off topic, but is the 13600 a direct replacement of the 13700?

I’d rather say the contrary :slight_smile:
The difference lies in the output buffer, I don’t know to what extent but every time I’ve seen a 13600 used somewhere, I could use the 13700 as a direct drop-in replacement part.

NJR makes these also… (aka NJM13700)

So, it seems it’s more speculation rather than factual information. MFOS wrote:

"I didn’t mean to be a harbinger of disaster, I’m just saying the manufacturers are headed that way. Everything isn’t getting bigger it’s all going surface mount as small as you can make it (the pc-phone world).

I’m old enough to know how it is to see chips that were totally cool go out of manufacture. I’m just saying I’ll have DIPs for sale until I can’t get them anymore. Same with any of the harder to find JFETs."

I’d have to agree, but, the question of “when” is debatable.

I think the mere fact of them being in the Maplin catalogue (i.e. a good reflection of what the hobbyist market still buys) suggests that they are very far down the endangered-species list.

Oh and if you see numbers dropping somewhere, don’t panic, it’s just me who has placed an order for the next batch of Shruthi-1 kits.

I dunno Borba, each Maplin store is like a different Noah’s ark as the components went in two by two.

I guess I should not form any strong theories based on the state of Maplin then…

A big deal to some, but the big SOIC is easy to solder by hand. However, the narrow SOIC-16 is more trouble. Besides which, it’s no big a deal to put the IC on a SOIC to DIP adapter if push comes to shove. I don’t know what the fuss is all about - it’s not the end of the world if something goes from DIP to SOIC only. BGA, now that would be a disaster as not everyone has soldering ovens and x-ray inspection gear…

F… everything about BGA devices :frowning: