A little dusty lullaby.

I was on my way to bed and this fell out of my brain so I figured I’d record it and make a video and now i’ll likely be tired when I have to get up for work in the morning.


Wow, great sound. Could you give some insights into the patch? Where’s the grit coming from? It sounds beautiful

Thanks so much.

I can’t go into specifics but there are a couple of Rings with super short decays being triggered by sparse random trigger streams and a wavetable chord going through Blinds with a looping log envelope altering the amplitude.

SSF’s wonderful quantum rainbow 2 is pushing dust and grackle into a fair few inputs too.

Repatched it a little and recorded a longer version to allow your brain to just never quite lock on to the patterns that never repeat.

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Very beautiful! I really like the organic, rattling sound if it. One can hear that you worked quite a bit on the patch, Rings can sound very obvious with “lazy” patching, but it’s the total contrary here, almost to the point that one has a hard time noticing it’s Rings.