Live session with the SVF

here’s a little live session we had last night in the studio. unfortunately the camera sucks in both, pic and sound. ok it was dark too, so not much to see there.
actually we intended to try the newly built WTPA1, how it works with our setup. other gear besides WTPA1 and Shruthi-1 SVF are Roland GR500, and Metasonix D1000 for the drum.
just the same pattern all over with not much change also. it’s just a small part of a longer session. if already had experience in syncing video to sound i’d use the tape recording instead of the cam mic. but probably not worth it anyway, was just rehearsing / testing / trying.

money! success!

Are you the Guy on the starboard side?

yes, on the right side at the Atari. the guy with the guitar synth is Chris.
could you see anything? (even more embarassing)

take2 is uploading atm, but won’t be better ;D

I have a Mac so i see more colors than you.

If you believe me in this ill sell you some Greek €-Bonds…