Live jam session : Yamaha SK20 , TR707 , Korg gear and Shruthi

I really liked this one.

That is nice. @dude163, the next time you do one of these, can you video it? I really like to watch (oops, that doesn’t sound right). Seriously, I’d like to see the stuff you’re using and how you’re using it.

Very nice.

I’m digging this, thumbs up! I really like its calming, chill out feel. The drums add a nice touch, providing a steady background rhythm.

Do you usually do pieces like this?

Great song! That’s going to be the chill out piece of the weekend.

@Jiseminger : yes , we try to , sort of a late 70s early 80s feel is what we aim for

@piscione, you really want to see 2 48 year old guys pretending to play ? Next time Ill take my DSLR and maybe match up the audio we record to the video afterwards

Sure. Wear lots of spandex! I wouldn’t worry too much about how you look. Have you seen my videos?! Yikes! A little balding, a little grey and a lot middle aged.

hehehehe ! My pal used to wear pink and black zebra striped spandex in the 80s, luckily i didnt meet him til 1991!

Really good to listen to an a sunday afternoon. I somehow especially liked the way the 707 sounds …? Not really 707-ish? Great jam, thanks for sharing!