Little taster of my Shruthi infused album - 'Waiting for the Future (To Call)'

Having been working on an album all summer/early autumn with heavy use of my pair of 4PM Shruthis, which I have now finished,
I thought I might share some of it on a very limited basis with the forum in case anyone is interested…(I’m still in discussions regarding full release so am not putting out properly in the public domain yet.)
Here’s one with the Shruthi preset ‘tremolo’ in quite prominent use…(also uses a shruthi pad layered in the chorus with a Cheetah MS6, bass from my DIY modular)

Waiting for the Future (to Call)

Note don’t know how to make it a direct link, sorry!

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And now I’ll take a listen to your track!

edit: thanks!

And another one…

‘October Raze’

This one features hot Shruthi action on the atmospheric background sweeps and washes

October Raze

And another featuring the fantastic radh/sec preset
Stop Using My Eyes

And finally for today, if anyone is still interested, we have a track that uses various bits and pieces cut up (the telephone type noises are shruthi, as is the sustained solo, and some other bits too.

Miami Spice