(little) Noise Problem

I’m wondering if this VCA behaviour (see attachment) is normal. I have a shruthi with a ssm2044 filter board. I thought it has something to do with the gate trimpot, but I noticed that it does not seem to have a positive impact on this noisy vca behaviour. I chose a particularly noticeable example. Some other presets are not that noisy

PS.: You might have to boost the gain a bit to hear what I mean

Yes, this is due to a wrong adjustment of the GATE trimmer.

But, no matter in which direction I turn the trimpot the noise floor does not disappear, whereas it drastically changes the sustain behaviour…

you have to turn it a lot, there are like 20 turns from one extremity to the other. You should feel some “clics” when you get to one of the extremities.
If it still hasn’t any effect, then check your solder joints around this part and neighboring parts.