Little Miss Sunshine


I quite like the look of this thing. Wonder if this well ever make it to market.
I was going to get the MS-20 Shruthi-1 board, but this might be even better!


The circuits used for sound generation and sound shaping are not inspired by any “vintage” product. I’m not saying they are original - one of them uses a building block that was discovered in 1999, the others are textbook-ish… Though there of course combinations of features not seen in many synths…

Gotcha. You might well be right.
And the PCB colour, I guess.


Ah, I think the relevance of the post title has just dawned on me.

@fleetway76 really? Do share…


Something small misses sunshine? :slight_smile:

just a wild guess:

‘little ms’ = ms10?

similar number of knobs, anyway. :slight_smile:
(ms10 has 20, little ms has 19)

Facebook photos look great-CV/Gate interfacing!

You might be right about those sounds. I’d assumed it was the Ambika, but now you mention it, the part-count mentioned isn’t enough for that.


Wow! if those are the sounds of this new thing, then you can all keep your ambikas. That is what I want a synth to sound like.

Yea it kinda sounds/looks like a meeblip done right to me. Simpler build than a shruthi, better waveforms than the former!

yes we’ve heard this, i’m pretty sure it’s this thing

My bet is that there is an analog VCO with a waveshaper and a filter, and that there are cv patches just like the ms-20 and that the midi stuff is here mainly for a midi 2 cv conversion. But it might be something in the likes of the meeblip also, with a lot of pots connected to a mcu…
Anyway, the presence of this small jack patch bay really makes me believe that there’s a lot of analogic stuff going on here.
We’ll know more about it next saturday :slight_smile:

It doesn’t use the Shruthi-1 filter boards so it’s not a “Sidekick”
It definitely has a filter though, judging by the labels on the pots. So maybe a beefed-up Sidekick-type filter box, with MIDI control, and maybe a multi-mode filter.

Some of the labels suggest it might have audio-range oscillators, so maybe it is a simple synth.

Have we heard anything from it on Soundcloud?



It doesn’t use the Shruthi-1 filter boards so it’s not a “Sidekick”.

my guess is, its like a sidekick, but more advanced and with its own filter. maybe 2 filters, one without CVable resonance or something.

I like the sound of something that is intentionally dumb. I hope that the 3.5mm jacks are cv connectors, but I don’t know if I want them to be inputs or outputs.

My other thought is it might be a bass synth.
Or a more flexible Sidekick, with MIDI control.


for shure . . . we should eMail the Rest :wink:

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