Little Miss Sunshine

(VW bus not included)

Placeholder topic for conspiracy theories…

It sends and receive some MIDI controllers, it sends and receive some SysEx, but there are things not covered by MIDI.

‘lol well obviously’ :smiley:

ok guys, i give up. just tell us what it is…

@pichenettes lol- well, obviously…
I guess what I was driving at is does it send and receive MIDI controllers, and/or sysex?
Since it only has one memory (presumably), it would be interesting to know if it can send/receive MIDI bulk dumps, so you could make your own librarian, or just dump the settings at the beginning your arrangement in you DAW (or jump through some hoops to do something similar, if you’re a Live user, like me).


MIDI! It stores stuff in memory, but there’s no load/save button. Everything is automatically saved after a dozen of seconds of inactivity (since there’s a short freeze during the eeprom writing)

Wow, this does sound interesting…
Is this likely to appear in the shop at the same time as the Ambika, pichenettes?



No memories, either, presumably.
What do the MIDI inputs and outputs send/receive?


hm, an 8-track midi/cv sequencer/recorder which can be made into a eurorack module?

It would be killer if it did bidirectional CV-MIDI. And CV recording…

Whatever CVs it takes don’t go into the digital realms…

if it can do midi-cv (which I am inferring from your fb photos), then I guess I might want to relocate the midi jacks to the front panel too.

Although this is all conjecture as I have more euro modules that I have rack space for anyway at the moment. Perhaps desktop format actually suits me better.

Are the boards ~100mm wide…
I think you can see where I am going with this :slight_smile:

It can be powered with +/- 12V with minor modifications of the circuit (one part has to be removed). The boards are ~100mm wide but there’s a connector that might get in the way - that can fortunately be deported to the top board. I see where you’re going and there are no major obstacles on this road.

even better

Hmm… VoiceController::StepSequencer() and a red button… some kind of step recording?

Hmmm. Can it be powered from +/- 12v?

mmm, drums!
very good drums!

The part count is higher than the Shruthi’s, and the purchase of all these pots with require some planning :slight_smile: - but overall there are no headaches in having this sold as a full kit. Will be more expensive than a Shruthi though. I hope this project will help me recover the costs of Ambika. This is what it was built for!

Well after looking at the facebook photos and hearing the sounds that are speculatively attached to this product. I am pretty sure I will be getting one.

@pichenettes is it happy with CV from 12> +12?