LIttle help with SSM board, cant self oscillate

Working on tuning a SSM board and for whatever reason, I cant get it to self oscillate in the normal pot range. When I plug it into the side kick it does, but way up high only. Any thoughts?

Could very well be the chip. I had 3 chips with this problem in a batch of 10. Try changing R4 from 6.8k to 4.7k or 3.3k

Don’t know if the chips on the market are chips that were rejected during quality control checks, if they have badly aged, if they are fake or whatever, but I have found that there’s a lot of variability in self-oscillation level, CV feedthrough, and output DC offset among the SSM2044 I have tried.

3.32K did the trick, thanks a bunch…

Think this might help with my problem ?

I saw that thread and it sounds a lot like what I was experiencing, try it…

Hurrah! Good Stuff.

did it work?

Sure did. I used a 3.32k as well.

Interesting. All the SSMs I have were from the same lot and I round robined all of them and none would work with the 6.8K resistor in place so I wonder if it is more than chip to chip variability when it comes to that (i.e batch to batch)

Just bought an SSM2044 chip on eBay. Came with another Curtis chip (all in one VCO/Filter/VCA one, can’t remember the name), which I’m hoping to sell again for a profit. Wonder when/if the SSM boards will reappear in the MI shop.


Like everything else, November 10th

Cool! Already got most of the components, I think.