List of useful Set of Parts , Components to keep at side for DIYers?

Dear exprienced DIY gurus

Excuse my noobish question,

Let assume that you assembled at least MI Diy kit and want to continue to explore Synth, Audio DIY world.

What would be Set of Parts , Components ( Active,Passive ) handy to keep at side ? what are their specifications ( number of pins, pitch, diameter ,values eg. )

-Connectors ( male / female )
-Resistor Sets
-Jumper cables
-Led Spacers

I believe all your input will prevent pulling of our hairs in the middle of project ; if we are missing something , killed something and need a replacement at that moment or to avoid any mistake.

Thanks in advance

  • All resistors in E24 series, from 100 to 1M
  • 5% NP0/C0G ceramic caps in E6 series from 10pF to 470nF
  • A handful of film caps in the 1nF … 68nF range
  • TL072 and TL074s
  • LM13700 and SSM2164s
  • a bunch of 74xxx
  • panel mount 10k and 100k pots
  • LM317, 78xx and 79xx
  • 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k trimmers
  • 3mm LEDs ; SPDT and DPDT switches ; a few breadboards and jumper wires…

Things not worth buying: bags of unlabeled/unsorted parts in bulk (resistors, capacitors) - total junk and not worth your time sorting.

Wow. This is really open-ended and depends on how many projects you’re working on, is planning for etc and of course what you intend to build.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • 1N4148 diodes, buy at least 250.
  • Common resistor values: 220R, 1k, 2k2, 3k3, 4k7, 6k8, 8k2, 10k, 12k, 15k etc up to 100k. Stock up lots. At least 10 of each. 100 each of 220R, 1k, 10k, 100k.
  • Medium large resistors: 220k, 330k etc: Get 10 of each minimum. Go all the way up to 1M
  • Large value resistors: Buy as needed and add up to the nearest 10.
  • Odd resistor values: 49.9k, get lots if you like to clone Buchla for instance
  • TL1100 swiches - these guys are used in the Shruthi-1, Anushri, Ambika, MBseq v4, x0xb0x, Sammich, MIDIalf, Sonic Potions and more. Buy lots.
  • Button caps: Either the x0x-stylee caps as also used in MBseq v4, Sammich, x0xb0x etc or the slightly smaller caps used in the Shruthi-1, Ambika (mine haz x0x caps). Buy lots in all colors
  • LEDs, buy at least 10 even if you only need 2. I have some cheap 100-packs from SmashTV. Those are good to use for experiments and general bling.
  • Pots: Get lots of 10k and 100k Lin plus some log of the ordinary 16mm Alpha panel pots with knurled/serrated 6mm T18 axis. Always handy. Get lots of 9mm pots like Alps, Panasonic, Song Huei in at least 10k lin and some 100k lin.
  • Encoders: This is more tricky - some use 16mm large-ish encoders, some use smaller like on the Shruthi. Overprovision some.
  • Opamps: Always stock lots of TL072 and TL074. Always.

Phew, I’ll let someone else type some. I noticed pichenettes has written something a bit more eloquent than my ramblings.

if you aim at building more then i’d recommend the following:
resistors: 100 of each value even if you need just 1, 10k,1k,100k are very common (buy by 1000).
sockets: 8,14,16 pins are most common and you need a lot
jumper cables there are some preassembled but you can crimp your own (IDC), also ribbon cable 10 and 16 wires
led spacers: depends on the height of the components of the project you use them for. i never knew where to source (apart from asking James Wilsey haha). i just got some 5mm or so from mouser, not entirely sure for what or when i’ll use them.
ceramic caps: 10n,100n RM 2.5 and RM5 but can be bent, buy many
film caps: 100n,22n,10n,1n etc, RM5
electrolytic: 1u,10u,100u,22u,47u,33u,220u,470u
connectors: 10pin and 16pin idc (for euro) or the non polarized headers

I always stock a box of Tannenzäpfle. Thats about the single most important item.
Besides this get some system for storing all of your precious goods:

Juu juu. Beer, but that’s (thankfully not!) electronic… Any household needs some, or wine, unless you’re a recovering drunk or have religious reasons.

Edit: Are friends electric?

this is just the small stuff, add 25+ cardboard boxes backlog hehe

I would add 2n3904 and 2n3906 transistors-get both of them by the 100-you’ll use them in pretty much everything, and having lots on hand makes it easier to match when you need to. Also 100n X7R ceramic bypass caps by the hundred…


  • some common power protection diodes like 1N4001 won’t hurt to have around. Get 50 or 100.
  • Some ferrite beads can be useful. Lots of PCBs/projects use them.
  • The 5pin DIN sockets used by Mutable are also used by MIDIbox, x0xb0x, Sonic Potions LXR, MIDIalf and all over the place. Buy 100 if you can get some cheap ones.

If you get serious and start doing more advanced things like some J.Haible projects, Serge etc you should stock up on some LM13600, LM13700 or the equiv. NJR chips and some LM3900. Lots of DIY projects use the 13x000. Some CA/LM3080 won’t hurt either.

Vactrols like the 5c3 or 5c3/2 are also used a lot in things like phasers, resonators and Buchla DIY. A small stash is a nice to have. The 292c lowpass gate is a fantastic module, as is the PS3100 resonators.

CA/LM3046 are another nice-to-have. Lots of Moog filters and various sound effect units rely on these. Buy a few if you do a project that uses one or more of these, they do become useful.

Do you have any spare tactile switches? :slight_smile:

Might have a few, not many though. PM me and we’ll talk.
I’m building up to a large DigiKey and a large Mouser order when my tax return is here. I don’t want any holdups in case I start to solder when I’m off :smiley:

And maybe this Equipment :wink:

@fcd72 Even though I am jealous of your setup. It is so advance for me on this stage.

What I am looking for is to build Ambika , MidiAlf , SonicPotions LXR and then start with a little modular setup and see where it goes.

So I like the inputs from pichenettes,rosch and @Jojjelito but beyond this will be a overkill for me at the moment.

Keep the input coming and please use formatting tags like @pichenettes so it is easier to read :slight_smile:

I got some inspiration from the Beavis Board parts stash.

Thing is, I always seem to have missed something so I have to make frequent orders. When buying small, cheap parts, I’ll always buy spares.

For component storage I use lunchboxes . Works fine for small scale :slight_smile:

^Cool link! They seem to mostly agree with us :slight_smile:

@fcd72: Now that’s talking! I do it on the induction hob. Also, my IR box is D~I~Y, made from an old parallel port scanner I found in the trash. Developing is done in a g^lass^ bowl…

I tend to be a bit overequipped…

It would be smashing if someone has a Mouser bom of a “Beginner´s Parts that Count” to share. One could add most useful stuff to their next purchase!

I know it sounds lazy, but that would be a huge plus for anybody who has no parts and wants most in one fell swoop, without having to pick each one.

With your next Purchase just add any Resistor Value thats used more than once on your Project by 100. Order bigger amounts on chips + parts that you frequently see. Get a Pile of 10klinPots + Knobs from HK. Thats how i do it, ending up with 300+ little drawers already filled - smiling everytime when i get a PCB and dont have to order something :wink:

I am SO looking forward to that happening to me…sadly I am only beginning and still have to stock up.

I have a Polivoks thats 50% done, and a YM PCB+Chips that is totally naked waiting for me to move and get the parts!

I´ll have to or else I will also have a Special Edition Shruthi XT also waiting! ; )

Another thing to add is where to buy these online.

Mammoth Electronics
Music From Outer Space
Tayda (any others this cheap?)
Smash TV
Elby Design
Livid Instruments

and many more.