List of Analog Programmable Effect Units


In the current world of gear excess, it is now possible for musicians to demand the absolute best and be picky as they want! For me, 2 things are required to make my A-list of gear. One, analog, second, preset programmable. That being said, I do have tons of digital gear, but reach for analog first. I am primarily a guitarist, so lots of pedals here, though I prefer rack.

Here is a list I will be building up as I recognize them.

MAM Warp 9
Electrix Filter Factory
Waldorf Miniworks 4 Pole
Waldorf X Pole
Akai MFC42
Jomox Moonwind

Prostage Wah
Sonuus Wahoo

TC 1128
Rane MPE Series
Free The Tone PA-10G

Elektron Analog Heat
Electron Analog Drive
TC Nova Drive
Chase Bliss Brothers
Decibel Eleven Dirt Clod
Hologram Dream Sequence

Chase Bliss Wombtone
Chase Bliss Spectre
Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl
Chase Bliss Gravitas
Free The Tone Tri-Avatar
Empress Phaser
Empress Tremolo
Sonuus Voluum

Chase Bliss Tonal Recall
Decibel Eleven Time After Time

Reverb: ???

Multi FX:
Vintage Revolution Pedal Pro
Nux Cerberus
Tech In Mind AGP-1
Roland GP-8

Any recognitions? I’ll update this list when more come to mind.

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Roland GP-8 is a 1U rack with programmable versions of what are essentially Boss pedals.

Ooo wow updated, never seen that one before! Oh I might get the since I don’t have a compressor that’s recallable yet, hah