List of all the toys

Hi there,

A little while ago there was a topic where every release date of every module was written down.
But now the more important stuff… What are all the toys?
What i know and have:
3 type of spinners (in different colors)
3 different statues (there will probally be more and what are they representing? )
2 Dices from marbles
A piece of candy from the shruthi kit

So am i missing something? In the spirit of consumerism:
gotta catch them all

Plexi goodies:

  • Edges “Ghost” figure

Wooden statues (discontinued):

  • Owl

Metal statues, golden finish (all discontinued):

  • Saraswati, Nandi, Laxmi

Metal statues (discontinued):

  • Saraswati, Durga, Ganesha

Enamel statues:

  • Ganesha (discontinued)
  • Parrot
  • Peacock

Paper mache (discontinued):

  • Parrot
  • Bells

Badges with misc icons from Clouds (discontinued).

Platypus Finger Puppets (aka “pet cools”).

Lacquerware toys/objects (from Channapatna):

  • 8 different models of small spinning tops
  • Big spinning top with string
  • Animal fridge magnets
  • Bells (green and red, 6 different designs)
  • Keychains (robot, veggies)
  • Pine tree

Dice (for Marbles):

  • Wooden 6 face
  • Translucent plastic D&D

Super rare:

  • Silver earrings
  • Giant peacock
  • Pompom keychain
  • 16-HP Madhubani painting
  • 24-HP Kalighat painting

Thx pichenettes,

Seems like i still need a’lot of them. What made the super rare one’s super rare? where those the first ones?

Samples or stuff I wanted to get rid of :slight_smile:


I’d really like to see photos of some of the rare ones.

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i think you forgot the metal dourga and ganesha.

(edit:) here is that pic from the old thread (it doesn‘t show there anymore, because dropbox changed something, and i can‘t edit that old post anymore):

(more edit:) ah, now you added the missing ones to your list. but as you can see in my pic, there were two ganeshas, a golden and a blackened one. :grinning:

i wish i had a nandi! :ox:

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Recently ive been getting a lot of these doorknob-looking things with what looks like an ikea wood pin on one end, dont really know what theyre for?
They dont really spin either :stuck_out_tongue:

They are spinning tops too, and they can actually do a very cool trick (give them a spin!).


Sooooo, seeing as my life is empty and meaningless and I’ve nothing better to do, I’ve started a spreadsheet

I’ve taken all of my pretty things out of the boxes so I forget with any clarity what came with what (plus I was lucky enough to get a few modules to test which didn’t come with the things they eventually came with).

Easiest way to make the cell green is just to copy and paste one of the already green ones. Feel free to change it in any way that makes sense to you, it’d be nice to also add pictures in but I think google sheets can be a bit awkward with images (not tried for a while and not trying it tonight).

Pretty sure different gifts have been included in the same module so I imagine there are no wrong answers.

Have at it!

(or don’t, it’s cool)


So you’re telling me that the little metal figurines in this video are a thing of the past?

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oh, that enamel ganesha looks nice!

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Hahaha really dedicated fandom here.

By the way the Enamel peacock is my favorite

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Yay! That Magic TG Lifecounter was not from an MI Module, or?

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I have an awesome enamel ganesha too and gave a bronze ganeesha to my dad, he loves it and it resides on his coffee machines mill :smiley:

image image image image image


I’ve loved all of the MI toys. They fit so well with the others.


Awesome list! Wish my Edges had been one of the ones with a plexi ghost. My wife and I love all the little trinkets and we actually have several of the metal ones on one of our display shelves in the living room. My toddler finds the tops fascinating, especially the ones with a neat little “trick” (the spherical ones with a dowel rod on them). As a big board game fanatic, i loved the dice that came with Marbles. Thanks for all the smiles!

I got this one two weeks ago. Really lovely!
(I don’t remember with which module because I’ve ordered a bunch at once)


What do you paint?

Lately, images of things I see in my telescope. But, I’ve also been working on sound installations. The painting with the modules was a quick oil on panel of a power line and pole. Just thought it was appropriate backdrop to these wonderful modules. Thanks for asking!

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