Linux SysEx software


I want to play the default patches to the Shruthi, but I didn’t find a software that works good.

amidi doesn’t work so well, because it seems to send the data at very high speed.
Simple SysExxer works better, because there is some delay, but it is not configurable, so it still can’t transmit all the patches to the Shruthi.

Any Linux users here who have a solution to this?

I unfortunately had to use my old win XP to do so…Sad…

Oh hey! It works just fine with MIOS Studio. :slight_smile:

Would be nice to have a simpler (command line) solution though.

Cool, will try that then thanks for the tip !

good to know, flip.
i don’t remember atm which software i used, but there are some gaps between some of the patches.
not that i’m too much into the presets, but it’s always good to know how to do that.
gonna give mios studio a try then!

It worked perfectly with a delay setting of 1000ms in MIOS Studio. With the default setting of 750ms, a few patches were still missing.

A 250ms delay is enough when writing the patches that go into the external eeprom (16–). The internal eeprom (1–16) has slower write cycles, and the delay between packets must be 1000ms.

This can be seen if you look at the LEDs: for the first 16 packets or so, the LEDs are lit for a long time, then for the next packets they blink for a very short time. When a LED is skipped (for example, it goes from 1 LED lit to 3 LED lit), a packet has been lost.

So if you don’t want to wait too much, set a 1000ms delay, wait until the LEDs are blinking very fast, then abort, and start over at 250ms.