Links transpose?

So I saw this thread on muff wiggler talking about modules that could transpose. And it listed links as one they say they tested and was able to transpose. Can anybody verify this or elaborate on this? Apparently could take 3 signals and transpose the pitch?

It’s not like it can transpose by itself, but the 2:2 section can act as a precision adder, which is what you’d use to transpose. If for example you want to use one sequence to transpose another, you plug in sequence 1 on one input of section 2:2 and the other sequence on input 2. The mixed output will be the first sequence transposed by the second (or the other way around, Links is just adding the voltages).

Section 3:1 doesn’t work like this, since it’s an averager. It has the benefit of keeping levels in check when mixing audio. So no I don’t think you can use 3 signals.


Only the middle section (2:2) can be used for transposition.

The 3:1 section cannot be used for transposition since its gain is not 1 (the gain is 0.33).


for anyone interested here is the WM thread:

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