Links to fancy switches and knobs for Shruthi DIYers

Hi folks!

Recently came across some fancy-looking LED illuminated switches that might be suitable for self-build Shruthi on/off, so I thought I’d pass on the link:

Aqua Tuning switches

This is the UK link, but resellers are available across Europe, Canada and the US from the same site.

Here are a couple of the switches that appealed to me - the prices are fairly reasonable too considering the funky designs :wink:



That’s Martin. Very cool!

Number 2 & 3 can be had for pennies from ebay, just search for either LED switch, rocker switch, or illuminated switch ^^

Cool switches! Ebay is a goldmine. Just ordered 40 pcs of aluminum knobs for about $20. Time to pimp the shruthis a little…

@V’cent: go on then - please post an ebay link to illuminated switches for pennies :wink:

I can find similar, but so far these are the cheapest I’ve found:

£1.49 each new

£0.99 plus 0.85 postage

£0.85 but out of stock:

@tb323: link please :slight_smile:


@yewtreemagic well, if your pennies are made from solid gold, you can buy almost anything with them :wink:
Was of course not meant litteraly, but switches from China are generally dirt cheap (unless you’re looking for some nonstandard custom thing)…

@yewtreemagic: The link is here
I hope it’s the right size, otherwise I have to macgyver something up. :slight_smile: It’s even free shipping.

@tb323: wow - that IS a bargain - thanks! and 6mm D-shaft should be perfect for your Shruthis :slight_smile:

@V’cent: Hmmm… :wink:


I’m getting the hang of these Chinese ebay listings now:

Here’s a pack of 10 black metal dome knobs for just $12.59 that will fit on both push fit and solid shaft 6mm pots (you may get stung for extra import duty/tax though):