Link to download the default patch bank

I do not know why, but that parameter always seems to get reset when using an external editor. You aren’t the first person with this issue, and you won’t be the last. Anyway, always check this parameter FIRST before doing anything like erasing your patches.

>Anyway, always check this parameter FIRST before doing anything like erasing your patches.

Words to live by. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Since you erased the patches by uploading empty data all parameters are set to 0 including the filter selection. 0 in that case will be lpf. The system settings are stored globally, and when you upload new patch data from the factory bank I’m guessing it doesn’t overwrite the system settings.

Nice you notice the change … easy 1 minute job. Create blue Square, rotate 45°, create white circle, center circle to square, adjust circles size, export as jpg.

But i have no time to change the RTFM Pic, im on a “complete Tangerine Dream album from just one VS Patch” trip atm…

That’s something we would like to hear, when you’re done…

@fcd72: Elegant solution. My icon has a “hidden” secondary feature; I’m not sure if any one notices it. I was tired of smaller icons looking blurry - I’m looking at you Soundcloud. I made it so when it is shrunk or viewed from far away that the words “AUDIÖ HOARDER” fade out and all you see is the black and cyan symbol. This works best with an uncompressed PNG, so ironically it works best on G+.
No need to edit the RTFM picture, I was just being cheeky.
Good luck with your tangerine project. I would also be interested in hearing the results.

> audiohoarder
> This is not a field manual. It is an online manual. “RTOM”

You mean ‘RTFOM’, don’t you?
Never forget a manual is always a f***ing manual when it should be read, whether field or online!


But where is the default patch bank for the Shruthi? I don’t find it…
I find this one :
But i’m not sure about that.


@pichenettes where can the factory patch bank be found now? Old links aren’t working.

Check the official github repo, it’s in the data folder here:

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