Link to download the default patch bank

I can’t seem to find a link to download the default Shruthi patch bank on the Mutable Instruments site. Would someone please be so kind as to post it here.


The memory of my Shruthi got scrambled when I was testing the PC version of the Shreditor software. Does anyone know whether I can just dump the default bank back into the unit or whether I need to “initialize” the EPROM somehow?

Thanks for your help.

I don’t think you need to prepare anything, just send it to the Shruthi.


Well, I sent the default patch bank to my Shruthi and the memory is still scrambled. Does anyone know if I should reload the firmware to initialize the unit? Or is there some front panel operation to “reset” the device?

This is strange. What do you mean by “scrambled”? Which patches are affected? Have you sent the data slow enough (otherwise they would have been dropped packets and some patches would not have been correctly restored)?

By “scrambled” I mean that most patches in memory are blank (with a “-------” line for the name,) some from the previous bank are still present, and only a few from the default bank have been added. ALL of the patches have weird values. For instance, some of the patches have the resonance cranked up. It’s basically a mess.

I was using the Elektron C6 utility to send the bank data (as a sysex file). I didn’t try playing back a regular MIDI file in my sequencer (Cubase 7).

Unfortunately, I then tried to re-send the firmware and this was not successful. (Please see the other thread regarding the failed update procedure). I suppose I can try to update the firmware by playing back the MIDI file from my sequencer. Is that more likely to be successful?

Incidentally, does updating the firmware reset the patches to their defaults? Or will I need to resend the default patch bank as well after I get the firmware re-installed?

Is the default Shruthi patch bank available as a standard MIDI file? The link that larsen provided takes me to a directory that contains .bin, .sys, and .txt files but no .mid file. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.

Incidentally, I tried sending the default bank (as a sysex file) to the Shruthi using MIDI-OX instead of the Elektron C6. That appeared promising because the transfer rate seemed slower. However, the patches in memory are still messed up - not all the default patches are there, some of my previous patches are still in place, and there are a lot of blank patches.

I think I need to try playing back a standard MIDI file.

The global patch bank is only available as a .syx

The firmware and the patch bank are different things - a firmware update will not affect the patches stored in memory.


Is is possible to corrupt the Shruthi’s EPROM? As I understand it, the Shreditor program is supposed to mimic the Shruthi’s EPROM in software. After testing the Shreditor program, my Shruthi is now making completely garbled sounds when I play back a patch.

Ok, I think my Shruthi is fried. Even when I send a single patch via sysex, the patch is corrupted. When I play hard on my keyboard controller, the sound of the Shruthi becomes soft and really thin sounding - like it is being filtered somehow with a strange filter or eq.

Any idea on what could be causing this?

Do all the system settings still make sense? The right filter selected etc.?

Gadget same thing happened to me… I actually ended up with some corrupt LCD characters and all sorts of bugs on the shruthi. I forgot where I found it but I just used the factory settings syx from another thread and it appears to be OK now. Fingers crossed.

>Do all the system settings still make sense? The right filter selected etc.?

Yes, the parameters that I am seeing in the display are the correct ones for the patches that I had programmed. However, a patch that previously had the resonance set to 0, is now sounding as though the resonance is turned way up and so on. So there is a mismatch between what I am hearing and what the parameters are set to. Something is corrupted/garbled.

@MindStasis. Can you do me a HUGE favor and dump the default parameter bank into your sequencer as a MIDI file and then PM me a link to download the file. I can’t get the sysex file to work. I have tried sending it over from both the Elektron C6 utility and MIDI-OX and the patches in my Shruthi are not being replaced for some reason. I had the same problem with the firmware. But when I sent the firmware as a MIDI file, it was updated successfully. (Unfortunately, the default patch bank is available only as a sysex file for some reason.)

Geez, this is turning into a pain. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

MindStasis. Never mind about creating a MIDI file version of the default patch bank. I don't think that was the problem.larsen explained how to increase the “interval” on the Elektron C6 to slow down the sysex transmission. So the patch bank is definitely being sent. (I had to increase the delay/interval to 1,000 ms to get it to work.)

Unfortunately, something is still not right in my Shruthi. I have the 4PM filter board in my unit. However, the display is not showing those setting on the second filter page. I am seeing the “Env” paramter where the filter type should be shown and “Hpf” where the resonance type/“color” should be shown.

Does anyone know if there are different firmware versions depending on which filter board is installed? Maybe that is the problem???

@GadgetFiend: Read the manual.
You need to have firmware version .96+ installed. You should.
Go to the manual section labeled “System Settings”. You will need to change the “fil” parameter to “4pm”. Your filter is set to “ssm”.

@fcd72: This is not a field manual. It is an online manual. "RTOM"
R-TOM rolls off the tongue better.
Also, your new AV is very fitting for a VS enthusiast. Did you make it yourself?

>You need to have firmware version .96+ installed. You should.
Go to the manual section labeled “System Settings”. You will need to change the “fil” parameter to “4pm”. Your filter is set to “ssm”.

That was it. :slight_smile: (The Shreditor program had changed the filter board type without my knowing.)