Link is dead


The link is not working and my shruthi is not working too !

need the link, need help !

You can find troubleshooting for Digital Control Board at the end of this page

Have you checked the WIKI?

Where did you find this link so that I can update the page?

When will MI wiki be public and editable ?

When you ask for edit rights :slight_smile:

I remember myself asking somewhere :). Joke aside can you provide me edit rights ?

I would appreciate if you could make this post sticky as most forum members are struggling with post formatting.

I found it in the post stick on the assembly shruthi page…

I asked in case this page was different than the one in the wiki…

Another point, i’m looking in the forum for a post about the second pot (on SMR4 v0.7) because mine doesn’t affect any parameter of the shruthi but i dont find one… My english is bad, what can I look for?

Thanks all anyway.

So when you turn the second pot on your Shruthi:

  1. Nothing happens in the sound but you still see the value change on the screen?
  2. Nothing happens at all?

Nothing happen at all. All the others knobs are changing the value, the second one nop…

Just wanted to know if that happened before, no worries. I have to check the solds because i’m not good at all on that…

Check first that the voltages on each sides of the second pot are 0V and +5V. If these are OK, check the middle pin too.

Ok thanks