Limited Cassette release of live Electronic music ( digidownload available too )

Hi all, my new EP is out , its supra hipster on cassette tape with a limited release of 20 copies, comes with a digital download option too

cassettes are $3 to cover costs and digital is pay what you want

All Live, all hardware, all me… :slight_smile:

Very hypnotic! Live it very much! $3 for a cassette is really cheap!

Liked it, ordered it :slight_smile: I’ll give a deeper review after a few listening. Thanks !

Ok Ill ship that off tomorrow!


@rumpelfilter : yes, Im on disability so I have t make sure I dont make any money, so that was just to cover costs of the Tapes . They are recycled too, so the label is literally a geurrilla DIY sort of setup

1 left, ill be shipping off the orders today or tomorrow


Really nice, like it. I posted my new EP here as well today (Njordlyd), how do embed bandcamp / your music into this post?

I think you need to use the syntax:

LINK where LINK is your bandcamp URL