LFO sync?

What with all this firmware chatter going on presently, I thought i’d ask something thats irked me for a little while. How do I sync an LFO to say, midi clock? I can’t get it to work, so perhaps it is not possible at all… I see however, that I can sync it to the internal Shruthi sequencer, and in turn I can sync that to midi clock. But that is a bit of a chore, and not the same thing anyway. I rather hoped the LFO would sync to midi clock whether I was using the internal sequencer or not.
I may have missed something though![](? So perhaps someone can set me straight here… If not, then think of it as a grovelling feature request) :slight_smile:

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LFO (when set to values x1, x2…) are sync’ed to clock source. Clock source also drives the internal sequencer. Clock source is set on the sequencer page and can be either an internal BPM clock, or the external MIDI clock (divided or multiplied by some factor).

Hmm, thanks. It’s weird, I just tried it again, and it worked right off the bat! DOH! Not sure what I did wrong before then…

It may have been related to some other little problem I get fairly often… Occasionally my Shruthi reverts to preset 1/init (Which I had previously over written with a patch of my own) Yet it does this while retaining the preset number for the originally selected preset. Is that a bug?

For example, I can be playing preset #35… Then I find (usually after stop/starting Logics sequencer) that it is reverted to playing preset #1. But still has #35 next to the name for preset #1. Im guessing Logic is sending some kind of erroneous data to the synth that is confusing it, or inducing some bug. But all my other synth toys play fine with Logic, so it’s a bit of a head scratcher for me.

So I probably made an edit for the lfo midi tempo thing, which got lost before I could save it due to this little glitch(?) Hence thinking lfo midi sync was not working… This is on firmware v0.91 btw

Anyway, thanks again for all your help :slight_smile:

(I just ordered some more parts too)

The problem you report is likely to be Logic sending a program change (#0) to the Shruthi. The Shruthi receives it and jumps to the first patch. Upon reception of a program change, only the sound changes, not the position of the patch number on the load/save page.

Logic resends program changes and SysEx everytime a track is played, even if the program change message is not at the position of the play cursor (ie, it looks back what was the last program change/SysEx in the sequence before the play position, and sends them whenever you hit play).

Try unchecking the “Program” checkbox on the track assigned to the Shruthi.

And… Double DOH! Yet another silly thing that I can’t believe I missed… How stupid do I feel today!?
It seemed sporadic because when working on a track, I don’t always play from the beginning, but in sections. Hence not always noticing when it was switching patches (which in hindsight iI think it only does at the very beginning?)… So… thanks again! You are a great help as always :slight_smile: And im looking forward to checking out the new firmware soon…