LFO leaks to OSC

Yesterday tested my fresh anushri, all worked fine.
Two connected it to a midified juno, (which was sending quite some weird midi data)

Now I have this problem that the OSC is always getting modulated by the LFO.
VCO mod is turned to zero (middle), vcf LFO to zero (left)
Seems like a little bit of LFO info is leaking to the OSC. FM also on zero.

Did you try to reset your anushri to factory settings?


Are you sure your modulation wheel is on 0? (Or the modulation CC#)

Yes mod wheel is on 0.

I’ve resetted a few times more and te problem is gone now. I only had some more weird behavior, which also went away for now.

Adsr wasn’t working properly, or not all.
Lfo was bugging; rate nob was responding but the led wasn’t pulsing.

Is it possible that I damaged something on the main board maybe, because of an overload of weird buggy midi data that came out of the Juno?

Very unlikely!