Lfo and cv to branches input?


Hoping someone can aswer this for me!

Is it possible to send a sine LFO to Branches input and have Branches randomly sending this LFO to the two outputs (kind of like a switch)?

I thought Branches would only forward hates and triggers but then I saw this video:

At around 10:30 Omri sends an LFO into Branches.

No you can’t.

Branches has digital inputs, so the LFO will be converted to a square-ish signal (all voltages below 0.7V to 0, all voltages above 0.7V to 5V). Same for audio!

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Thank you for clarifying @pichenettes! Never thought I would get a response so quick! :blush: Love your modules by the way! :heart:

Hmm… So either I am misunderstanding what Omri does in at 10:30 in the video, or - what my guess would be - the VCV version of Branches is behaving differently, as the lights coming from the Branches «clone» are clearly varying in intensity.
I guess Mutable is not involved in these VCV clones :slight_smile:

No, I am not involved at all!

Pretty much all VCV “replicas” are based on the original code from Mutable Instruments.

But in the case of something analog like Veils, Links, Kinks; or digital and simplistic like Branches, the clones are more “behavioral” in that they emulate the high-level behavior of the module rather than emulating or reusing the actual implementation. This gives some room for creative deviations I guess :smiley:

That’s strange, because according to the code, the VCV implementation of Branches seems to output a “digital” voltage (0V or 10V), instead of behaving like a switch routing the original input.

Maybe this is better asked on the VCV forum!

Hmm. Maybe I will ask there :slight_smile:

Started thinking about how to patch to randomly send «whole cycles» of an LFO to different destinations…

I guess patching the same LFO to Branches and a two-way switch, switched by branches, would kind of do it. Branches will do a new coin toss every time the LFO goes over 0.7 v, and when its «tails» will trigger the switch to route the LFO to the other destination.

Of course I also have Tides which when synced could probably do this with to 4 destinations.

Now I only need to get back from vacation to test the theories :upside_down_face:

Or, hmm, if you used Tides in Different Shapes mode, you could use output 4 (“end of release”) to trigger the coin toss.

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For anyone lacking a comparator in their rack you can patch one up with Branches:

if you pass the cv through a attenuate/offset first (eg: MI Blinds) the offset here acts as the threshold, the attenuate is the range (less important here than the offset).

Branches should be full CCW. The comparator output if the left one. By adjusting the offset you can get gates that are rhythmically related to your cv.

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