Lemur for iPad on sale

$24.99. Is it worth having for controlling a Shruthi, or other things?

Us MIDIboxers have a few use cases for it too :slight_smile: Remote control/clip controller for the MBseq v4, remote for the upcoming MIDIbox CV v2 and such. Plus, there are a few synth controllers out there for old hardware beasts. Worth it!

Well spotted!

Nice find! Does anybody use this on the old iPad 1? They say it should work, and I don’t think it needs all that CPU-power like all the recent audio-apps. I can’t afford a new iPad at the moment, will need a new MacBook first :frowning: So anybody with the “vintage” iPad still using this one?

I hate you.
I bought it.
I know it will be just another app I wasted money on… but I couldn’t resist.

No…it’s actually incredibly useful. I’ve had a preorder in for the iConnectMIDI 4+ since August, thinking I’d actually be able to make use of all the awesome apps AND charge my iPad without having to deal with Core MIDI, but I’m still waiting…

Also waiting for iConnectMidi 4+ and just bought the Lemur app. Well, it looks promising.

@Ryan + Bjarne: if the iCM4+ ever ships you will love it. I have the smaller iCM2+ and its really the best thing that ever happened to my good old iPad. Very powerful routing possibilities and the audio-pass-through is just great - it even works both ways. I ordered it in May and got it in October … but well worth the wait. Its like the missing link: digital audio in/out, USB-MIDI, DIN-MIDI - and it even works fine with “the ancient one” :wink:

@RyanA4: actually I’m not questioning the usefulness of Lemur itself… more the usefulness for my way of performing live… but we’ll see, I keep trying :slight_smile:

Life is partly about accumulating useless things, isn’t it?

Well on a direct connection via the camera connection kit (after you’ve pre loaded your patch to lemur from your computer), it’s very stable and is only really limited by the battery life of your iPad…unless you have an iRig or something. But the iRigs I wouldn’t trust. World’s shortest MIDI cable connected in the smallest port possible that comes out if the wind blows too hard- what a waste of money.

Speaking of things, we’re my Triples!?

I’ve got it in my imaginary rack on modular square already!

Its on its way to california….

woo hoo. Breaking in a new Hakko FX-888D soldering iron on it!

Sorry for a potentially dumb question: I just bought a used iPad today but don’t have it in hand right now. Can I purchase Lemur from the iTunes shop using my Windows PC to take advantage of the Winter Sale offer and “transfer” that to my iPad once it has arrived here?

Yes you can, once you get to your ipad: go to App Store and in bottom right corner you will see “purchased” you can find it in there. Tapping the little cloud button will download it for you


Anyone wants to share their Lemur CVpal template? :slight_smile: