Leftover Part - WIMA 0,022 63-

I’ve heard that every good mechanic has a few spare parts but I’m not sure if that principle applies to the Anushri. I’ve got a small red rectangular cube with two leads coming out of it, with the following text on it:


It was in the bag with the parts for the main board. Looking at the board I don’t see any remaining holes for it and I looked over the instructions several times when I realized that it was left over. Any ideas what this is for?

it’s a 22 nF film cap, compare with the bom if it’s really left over

Ok, thanks for the help, that’s one of the parts that I wasn’t sure about, it what was supposed to go in C4, in which I put a gray square part with the following on it:

22n KL
250V BC
1313 370

Is that also a 22 nF film cap?

This is normal. Kit preparation mishap.

Is that a technical term Olivier?


Do you know which Batch your Kit is from? Or when you bought it?

For the 3rd batch, Reichelt delivered 2.5mm instead of 5.0mm 22nF caps. Once I realized the problem, I added a 22nF cap with the right spacing in the bag, but did not go fishing for the 2.5mm part.

Ja puh… free 22Ns for everyone!

Thanks for the confirmation guys. Not sure on the batch @fcd72, I just bought it a couple of weeks ago. Finished up the soldering this weekend, I still need to go out and buy a psu before I can test it to make sure it’s working, and the offsets, going to build a case out of hardwood.

I must say I really enjoy this forum, so many helpful and friendly people here :slight_smile:

Same here. Coincidentally, when I finished building mine, the fuzz didn’t work and the synth only (drums were fine) cut out.
I thought there was a connection. But no, just a free part.