LEDs slowly fade out and voltage regulators very hot

I just finished my Anushri build and I’m using a tiptop audio happy ending kit to power it. The happy ending kit comes with with a µzeus 4hp psu, 2 x flying bus boards, and 1 x 15v DC 1000ma Triad external power adapter. When I power on my Anushri the LEDs slowly fade out and the voltage regulators are very hot. If I blow on the voltage regulators while the Anushri is powered on the LEDs slowly light up. The voltage regulator labeled 7805ACT is soldered into 7805 IC14 on the board. And the voltage regulator labeled 7905ACT is soldered into 7905 IC21 on the board. Any help is appreciated.


I forgot to state that I’m using a 10 pin to 16 pin ribbon cable to top connect my Anushri to the Tiptop Audio Happy Ending kit.

Is the LT1054 inserted? It should be not.

Wow, you are quick thank you! LT1054 is not inserted.
Thanks again Pichenettes.

Can you measure the voltage on each of the regulator legs? (2 regulators x 3 measurements = 6 voltage measurements)

Absolutely, I’ll post my results tomorrow.

Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been working out of town for the past few weeks and didn’t bring my Anushri. I managed to get my Anushri working but I took the long way around. I replaced almost every IC and it still didn’t work. After I replaced the voltage regulator 7905 and the component in C9 she came to life. Looking back I wish I would have replaced the voltage regulator and then tested it so others could learn from my mistakes. Thanks again for your time Pichenettes