LED's not working, unit seems dead

I spent so much time soldering the shruthi together and making sure I followed the instructions, but the LED’s do not light up and the board appears dead, perhaps I made a mistake and soldered them in the wrong way?? I don’t know, but I am gutted, I don’t know how to resolve this :frowning:

This is my board

Have you done the voltage test on the filter board?

No, I am going to ask someone else to help me do that, I can handle a soldering Iron, but not sure what to do when it comes to testing circuit boards

Some of the soldered joints are bone dry, put some more solder on the joints. You want a nice pointed joint, no pad showing and not round like an apple.


Thanks 6581punk

Okay, filter board tested, all working perfectly, thats one thing out of the equation!

The soldering on the GND pin on the control board connector pins looks bad. So do the Atmega pins.

Okay, it is all together, lights on, LCD screen works, just one problem left, it only makes a blip noise when I hit a key on the keyboard, no pitch, just a blip sound.