Leds have wrong color

hello, just finished ambika - everything works fine, except of one small issue… when i turn on ambika, leds (led 9 and top left led in part area) have yellow instead of green color…

initially i thought i solder them in wrong direction, but as you can see on screenshot, they are soldered correctly…

any idea what can be wrong ?

i can confirm this, polarity definitive ok, color wrong … but who cares :slight_smile:

Think it is just another type of LEDs

you can switch the polarity in the settings

oh , ok, thanks!

ok, got it, swap color was active in the default multi

Oh no :frowning: I remember now - last year the “official” LEDs were out of stock and I had to find a substitution part that had a reverse polarity… so the firmware flashing script set the “swap LEDs color” option to on when I programmed all the chips. This year I use the “official” LED reference. I’ve flashed 50 chips with that :confused:

You have to disable the “swap LEDs color” option in the system preferences.

edit sorry don’t what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

Great, not a issue when it is possible to fix it in system preferences :slight_smile: thank you !

Btw. Ambika is really the mother of all DIY synths… it blows my mind … It’s unbelievable how perfecly, with every small detail fine tuned, was this thing developed… simply perfect ! All parts of this project are shining examples of perfectionism…

My big respect !

my question with ambika leds is that on my unit the 6 leds displaying the voice that is played with a orange light, are a litte bit dimmer than the 8 orange lights over the selector buttons. they are the same leds… not a big thing but just curious.

“the 6 leds displaying the voice that is played with a orange light, are a litte bit dimmer”

Hit the keyboard harder, man!

they are velocity sensitive ??! omg … simply perfect, as is said…

ah cool they are velocity sensitive! thanks!
have to take my silk gloves off when playing then :wink:

Ah i didn’t know that ! … That explains some complaint i had about a trusted builder Ambika i build that one sometimes one of those leds doesn’t work… It’s just really soft velocity.

Whatever next? brightness changes with velocity and colour changes with pitch (RGB leds) :wink:

>Whatever next?

Choice of velocity response curve…

@ georges I think you can build (at least simple form) of response curve change wit the modifiers already.