LEDs colors

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Hi, to all of you,
I’m from Quebec and I have received my fisrt Shruti and in a few days I will have time to mount it.
I can’t wait for that!

I have some questions:
first, in the bag of pieces I found the 8 leds, but all 8 are greens.
Normally theres 6 greens and 2 red, isnt it?
I think it will be easy to find theses here, but what code is for me?
Reichelt, digitek or farnel?
And for the red, must I change resistance for other values?

Now. I have two different solder with me. 60/40
the first is 1.0mm but I have it for years, is it too old?

the other is new 0.8 mm but I found it at Lasource (radioshack)
is it too cheap?

thanks in advance for answers. I hope shruti become a success for me ( as a christmas present)!


hi welcome,
the older kits used to have 2 colors of leds. All the newer ones i have seen use one color. It’s just up to your personal taste. I don’t think solder will become too old just make sure you use leaded solder because it is fare easier working with.

> Normally theres 6 greens and 2 red, isnt it?

There are variations from one batch of kits to the other… Currently, I’m packing 8 flat top LEDs of the same color.

so, theres no problem at all,

many thanks
I hope to post a success in a few days