LED patch cables

A friend just sent me this link here:

They make patch cables with LED’s inside that show the voltage going though it:

I don’t know… but this sounds like something that will cause noise issues, but I might be wrong, what do you say?

They mention stuff about voltage consumption and buffered outputs on http://www.utopb.com/led/
I’m not into modulars yet, but I guess it’s fun with blinkenlights!?


It won’t cause noise issues but it will cause waveform distortion at the output of all the modules which have a 1k protection resistor. This is yucky.

The 1k output resistor is a “feature” which allows mixing or trig/gate ORing with passive multiples, among other things. Many of my own modules have it, though there are a few exceptions (Links, Yarns).

blinkenlights > sound quality :wink:

It could make modular demo videos a bit more colorful. Just hook a few of these up to unused modulators to fill out the background.

@pichenettes: thanks for the info! I think these are mainly intended to be used for CVs though.

I wouldn’t use that for pitch CVs :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use that for anything. Not my taste. However I now exclusively use Expert Sleepers Dayglo cables from Thonk.
Olivier are you planning glow in the dark too when you release your cables? Maybe glowing MI colours?

A few of Richard Devine’s videos a month or so ago show these…they look really cool and pulse with the inputs.

> Olivier are you planning glow in the dark too when you release your cables?

Nope - I’m certainly not happy with this “buffered output only” limitation.

Eye candy aside, how about using your ears instead of your eyes? It’s not as if all modern modules don’t already include LEDs where they make sense…

didn’t know the expert sleepers cables where for “buffered only” connections, or did I misunderstand this?

@t2k: totally agree, I was more curious about the technical asoects than really interested in buying those cables

@t2k: True. But I solderd a bicolor-led & resistor to some jacks a while ago and found these sometimes can be really helpful to understand what kind of voltages your modules are putting out.

And I think rosch was asking about the kind of cords that light up in UV light?

Glow-in-the dark is just paint or dye. Might make the sound warmer though, just like wooden ends. :wink:

> Olivier are you planning glow in the dark too when you release your cables?
Nope – I’m certainly not happy with this “buffered output only” limitation.

Haha no i don’t mean the LED bs, i mean will there be cables that glow in the dark like the expert sleepers? like phosphorized or what they call it…

I would certainly certainly buy all my cables from you then

Glow in the dark cables

Spies have detected Marie Curie Cables™ at Mutable Manor.

Those Mary Curry cables are nice for those midnight sessions when it’s tempting to reach for the blacklight. I saw that those nice Asheville Vactrol people had some really really pink cables available too.

you have me convinced to get some glow-in-the-night cables. they feel solid and the connectors are not too big.

They are quite the same as the cables from Erthenvar, I haven’t had any issues yet, but also haven’t used them hardcore style yet. Just civil home patching.
I haven’t seen them under black light too but they probably SHINE. With prior normal bulb light they just glow faintly. Cellphone cam doesn’t catch them with leds in the vicinity.

What would be really cool would be glow in the dark stuff with Mutable Instruments colours (and if possible with the woven design). Would be a done deal for me.

They’re very nice under the blacklight. I was painting with the flouro juice from some cheap markers while just randomly patching a bit not too long ago and I’ll agree with @rosch: More flouro colors would be way nice! I think there’s room for that, plus it would look nice live on stage if someone ever did go there.

heck if I had them in MI colours i would probably be crazy enough to use individual colour for each ‘sound system’ (rack)