LED ground question

The schematics of the digital board show the negative leads all connecting to each other then ground ( I think ), but I can’t see any connections on the PCB or the BRD. Does this mean the negative lead on the the LEDs are simply grounded where they are connected to the board initially?

yep it’s the ground plane. if you wire them on the panel it’s sufficient to take just one ground to the panel and branch from there. with the switches and parameter pots it’s the same, just the audio pots should go separated from the digital stuff.

There’s one confusing thing in Eagle (well more than one): by default it doesn’t show the ground plane when you’ve just opened a .brd file. Load the .brd file, click on the ratsnest icon and tada! you now see the ground plane. Then you’ll see that all the LEDs cathodes are connected to a HUGE block of copper that occupies 95% of the bottom of the board.

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thnx for the tips :slight_smile: learning process here…