LED 6 and SW 4 not working; is anyone else having a similar problem?

Hi everyone,
Does anyone else have a problem with these two points or similar ones on their board? Are they connected in any way? Everything else works fine but I just can’t seem to start the sequencer, and the LED 6 doesn’t light up when booting or when I’m recording a sequence. I’m getting a little under 5 volts from the two connecters on each switch except 4, and a reading from all the LED’s except 6.

I’ve had a bit of a look at the schematic and as far as I can tell there are no common threads that would stop these two components from working. Would it be possible to solder a jumper between the two holes of LED 6? I supose having one dead LED not there would be worth getting the sequencer going.

Let me know if any of you want/need pictures or more multimeter read outs. Thanks in advance!

Juste reflow the solder joints on those…

I have done, both have very strong connections.

Then check the joints on the ATMega, the corresponding 220R Resistor for the LED and the Resistor Network and the 74xx165

All seem to be connected (at least to the same quality as everything else on the board).

Sure they are not, else it would be working :wink:

Alright, wicked and resoldered the connection… and it works! Thanks a whole bunch.