Learning to program a chip for the shruthi

Good morning,
Please consider me a complete noob to programming. I’ve built two shruthis before, one an official kit years ago and one wasp filter kit from tubeohm. Both work and sound great.
Each time the chip was already flashed.

Now I’m building a Shruthi XT and struggling to understand how to program the mcu chip myself.
So far I’ve soldered the components and have a simple USB programmer to connect to the control board.

I’ve read the info here: Mutable Instruments | Shruthi - Firmware hacking but to be honest its a little confusing.

Is there a simpler guide?

For example: how do I edit the makefile? I’m on a Mac and it opens in console.

I have the Hex file for ShruthiXT if you want?

Great stuff - thank you!
Much appreciated.

Which version do you have ?

The makefile can be edited in any text editor or IDE. You could open it as a plain text document in TextEdit (I think, I don’t use Macs often), or download a simple IDE like Xcode or Visual Studio Code.

There’s not really a simpler version of the instructions, but there’s also nothing particularly novel in the process either. It’s very likely that most questions have already been asked and answered on Stack Overflow or similar (even if it was in relation to a different project) and you’ll find your answer by simple googling - questions like “Where is my AVR tools directory?” have been asked and answered a millions times over.