Le Strum - MIDI Strummed Chord Controller

Just when I thought I was out, he pulls me back in.
LE STRUM - MIDI Strummed Chord Controller

I know what’s for christmas for a handicapped little brother :open_mouth:

Wow… great… this is really close to something i’ve been working on. Ordered!

Where can i get this one???

Zwei dumme…

Same here. Together with an Arpie and a midihub I think you might not really need a sequencer. :slight_smile:

@fcd72: Here and get the Arpie + Midihub while you’re at it.


Ordered Arpie + Le Strum. I dont really need an MIDIhub as my Master Clock tends to be the Big C which also has sufficient MIDI Outs :wink:

@fcd72: I thought so too, but then I thought about having a couple of effect units receiving midiclock and the two arpies (they need midiclock on a separate midi synch input) and I don’t have enough synths with midi thru. And you have to think about the latency! :wink:

totally awesome! unfortunately already sold out

Wow … I ordered just in time then, this morning …

Sorry youkon !

We must have depleted them…

After all, it’s strummertime…

At the end of the page:

“Stock of these is fairly limited, but if they sell I will get a bigger batch made up, Cheers/Jason ;-)”

That seems almost certain then.

So good! I sleep for 6 hours and miss out?!

Anybody bought the babblebot from them? Sounds cool but have no idea how to breadboard…

Hm, you just connect all ends of one component to another like shown in the schematic - two legs on a capacitor and 2x one leg of usually two different components to make a connection with.
And the rows on a breadboard are generally seperated horizontally and connected vertically.
The babblebot might be a bit much to start with, I see a good handful components and with an IC you need to keep in mind a breadboard is also once splitted vertically right in the middle, especially for placing an IC as to not short-circuit it’s legs.

@diwib: thanks for the breadboarding hints. I do know how to breadboard, I meant that I have no idea how to breadboard the Babblebot, since info on example circuits or PBCs to make a synth out of it is scarce or nowhere to be found.

Has anybody used one?

Oh, heh, sorry, page 38 of the datasheet

@diwib: thanks for that!

The circuit for controlling with a PIC sounds interesting…maybe some PICmaniac would like to take a peek into it?