LCD Wiring

I had a couple of question about the LCD wiring.

I noticed that there are 3 areas to wire up the LCD, JPs 1-3.

JP1 has 6 pads, JP2 has 10 pads and JP3 has 3 pads or a plastic connector. Do I wire the LCD to JP3?

Also, what order are the wires in? (i.e. which is ground, etc?)


The really important one is JP3. I think the function of each pin is clearly labelled on the LCD board. You simply have to make sure that the:

  • GND pin from the Shruti-1 is connected to the GND pin of the LCD.
  • +5V pin of the Shruti-1 is connected to the VDD pin of the LCD.
  • TX pin from the Shruti-1 is connected to the RX pin of the LCD.

Note that they are in the same order as on the Shruti-1 board. If you follow this:

Rx is orange,
GND is red,
5V is brown

They’re just cables, right? The colors aren’t detrimental just conceptually representable; for convenience?

My connector order is black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

OK, I was just confused by the the extra pads. I had gotten a good chunk of the boards soldered and I was probably a bit loopy from the solder fumes. :slight_smile:

So, it’s RX to TX, +5V to VDD and GND to GND, correct?

It’s only cables! No matter whether they are brown or red, black or white, Chinese or Zulu, as soon as there’s a good connection, let’s rock!