LCD stopped working

Yesterday I was messing about with the shuthri, I left the room and came into the lounge, many hours later I remembered I left everything on so I went to turn it all off and the screen on my shuthri no longer does anything. Everything else on it still works fine, just no screen, no backlight, nothing at all on the screen. Ive tried shining a light on it and it doesn’t seem to have any display on it at all so I don’t think it’s the backlight.

Any troubleshooting steps I can try or should I just get a replacement LCD and see if that works?

Start with the basics, reflow the solder on the pins on the 16 pin connector. PCB and display joints.

yep that’s fixed it. Weird as the soldering looked perfect. I also tried to pull the screen up a bit maybe it was touching somethign underneath.

Thanks :slight_smile: