LCD, only backlight. Help!

Hi guys!

After connecting the two boards yesterday to an amplifer I felt confident to finally solder the LCD. At my first try, the LCD lit up but there are no characters.

After reading the wiki I started doing this:
Turn the screw of the trimpot R21 counterclockwise until you have reached the end.

The problem is that the trimpot does not seem to have an end. I have turned like sixty times! And the LCd stays the same with only background light.

What should I do? As I said, LED and sound test went fine. Please note that I bought it 2 years ago.

Try turning it at least 21 times clockwise… The trimpot does have an end. You will hear a very faint click when you reached the end.

just checking. I hold the board and read R21.

What kind of values should I measure? Ish…

shuftr…you rock! I was waiting for it to stop, not a faint click. All is fine!

fulke… Great! Enjoy your shruthi