LCD not working

And more odd happenings. I played in the syx file and it loads the first 16 but everything after is named ?acon and sounds identical to patch 16 Bacon.

Also This one really confuses me. My encoder works backwards. If you click down it will increment a patch and if I turn the knob it will change between browse and save, how could that even happen?

Looks like the Digi-key encoder pinout is backwards. I rigged it to work now, but definitly change that part out.

Looks like this encoder would work (CT3011-ND), surprised that one is opposite.

First time I hear about an alternative pinout for encoder! BOM is fixed.

If the patches 16-80 do not load, there’s a problem with the I2C eeprom (the patches up to 16 are saved straight in the AVR). Which reference did you use?

So…I checked the continuity, all OK. Power the Shruthi and… Mutable Instruments shows up in the LCD. I tried the different menu pages and clutter started to accumulate in the screen. I restarted it (power off and on) and only the white upper line in the LCD showed up. Re-check continuity and all ok again, so I turned on and the LCD worked but with the same clutter…Any ideas?

Yeah that’s odd about the pinout.

This is the eeprom I used:

400kHz… should be fine… Have you observed any crash when doing the MIDI dump (eeproms which are too slow may freeze). Do you see the ? for all memory slots or are there still a few in the lot that are correctly installed?

Yeah there all named ‘?acon’ It seems like I can save a patch to it though. I ran the syx in extra slow to be sure, maybe I’ll just see if I can find the 128k version but no crashes with this one.

Do you see the LEDs lighting one by one like a progress bar when you download the .syx?

It does but it changes partway though. It will from solid leds, to ones that just blink on and off for a sec as it progresses, if that makes sense. Just as a side note I had to slow it down to about 250ms to get it to load the first 16 correctly otherwise there was errors.

Yes, it’s normal, writes to the internal eeprom take longer than write to the I2C eeprom - so they are on for a longer amount of time during the first stage.

Hmm OK I have 2 of the eeproms and both behaved the same way. Maybe I’m missing a solder problem I checked but I’ll check again.

Well I posted a vid of the unit working, just messing with settings, but if you go to about the 7min mark you can see the banks above 16, and my wire jumper fix for the encoder.

My LCD is magically fixed, didn’t do nothing and suddenly started to work everytime i powered up :\\

That’s kinda what happened to me. Also I found I had a 256k eeprom at home and plugged it in and it works fine. It’s a microchip brand, same pinout and speed as the other which is a On semiconductors brand but didn’t work. So I’m working 100% now :smiley:

These are the Shruthis self healing capabilities…

@Starfire: congrats, I’ve seen your video on matrixsynth. Owning a Shruthi looks like a sure way of getting on Matrixsynth :slight_smile: