LCD not working on Shruthi XT

Got the filter and control board put together. Put the filter and control board together in the casing to test but the LCD isn’t powering on at all. I checked my power supply and everything has the correct positioning for positive and negative. Any ideas as to something I could try to trouble shoot it or do you guys think the LCD somehow is shot? Sorry if this has been already asked at some point. There are a LOT of posts and I couldn’t seem to find one dedicated to this. I should mention this is just a straight up kit build. I’m not modding or hacking or anything like that.

Jim (Mr Fork)

LCD or OLED? I thought, the kit comes with an OLED.

What about the LEDs? Do they light up?

Try the trimpot before anything else: all Shruthi’s I’ve build so far showed a dark LCD when powering up for the first time. Just using the trimpot (sometimes needing lots of rotations) brought them all to live so far.

The LEDs light up just fine but the LCD has no reaction that I can tell. I apologize if I have the wrong name for it so to avoid confusion let’s me call it a screen. There should be only one of those that shows the values of parameters as you’re adjusting pots and clicking buttons. I’ll have to check the trim pot and see if that does anything for it.

No bridge between pads? All pads correctly soldered?

I can’t find any points that are bridged. All pads seem to be soldered correctly but I just realized something else. All but one LED lights up but the corresponding buttons don’t do anything. They should be rotating between functions but they aren’t.

Actually it seems to have gotten worse. I checked all the integrated circuits to make sure those were in all the way and snug and cleaned up some liquid flux from the build that I had missed. Powered it on again and now it isn’t doing anything.

Sounds like it is picture time - High res picture of both sides of the digital board, and if possible also the filter board :slight_smile:

Sorry it took so long to reply to this. After some time we were able to find the problem. There was a cold solder point in a couple places that I somehow missed. I now have everything together and everything seems to be working except for one thing. There is a line running vertically on the left side of my screen where it doesn’t light up. Is that another solder point that I missed or is that something else? Also the candy that was sent with labeled “fur dich” was amazing. Does anyone know where to get those or what they’re actually called? Kind of a lemony tasting thing. I can’t seem to find them online.

> is that something else

Something else. The result of excessive pressure on the screen. If you’re up for the desoldering task I can provide a replacement.

How much for the replacement? I don’t have any real problems desoldering. I’ll be pulling it apart to do the sde modifications at some point here anyway.

I give you the benefit of the doubt and we’ll assume that it has been damaged by shipping/packaging, so I won’t charge you for the replacement.

I appreciate that very much. Did you need my address and everything or do you already have that?

Send me a private message. I don’t remember about any order by Mr Fork :slight_smile: