LCD no longer working after having changed EEPROM (solved)

am having issues with my lcd on my shruthi smr-4 mkII after changing the eepromm. chip every thing worked fine before, but now all i get is the top row of white squares,
i can play it and change filter settings, change the patch ect. but it just won’t display any thing on the screen what could i have done to it while changing the eeprom ?

sorry i took so long to reply, but i dont know what i did but the lcd is working now, all i did was change the eeprom i think theres a bad solder jiont some where as pichenets said but am not gonna open this baby up again.
sorry for bien anoying :slight_smile:

You’re being far from annoying. In fact, leave this thread as resolved but keep the original title. That way you can help anyone who may encounter the same issue in the future, learning from each other’s mistakes and such.

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@rosch, that was command.
Stop all your work immediately!

Obviously something he would prefer not to disclose right now. I have had those moment myself…

Glad it’s working!

<> and what was it?

i bet the LCD was not correctly soldered, and manipulating the board weakened one of the solder joints… Try resoldering the 16 points on the LCD module.

First, try inserting the old EEprom to see if you damaged anything serious…

just did that still the same. i can get sound from the shruthi right now am tweaking a sound but cant seeany thing on the lcd

Did you disturb the contrast trimmer getting the chip out?

tried the trim pot already. looking at the shruthi from the back, turning the trim pot anti clockwise gives me another row of white quares and turning it clock wise gives me a bank blue screen. i feel realy stupid now dont know what i done to it