LCD & LED problems

Hi everyone,

after my previous problem with the voltage levels on the SMR4 board (broken LM7905 :slight_smile: ) I’ve run into some problems during the final stage of assembly. I have everything finished and just have to connect the to boards together, but there is a problem: When I do this, the LCD gives only half of it characters fully lit, and sometimes less characters or only backlight. Also, none of the LED’s are working, except for the left one of the orange two, and that one only works sometimes (when I plug it in or out that is). The remarkable thing is that this started happening when I added the LCD screen, before that the LED were working fine and even responded to the encoders and buttons.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance,

Either some bad soldering, or your LCD module (probably the shield) is shorting on some component legs that lay under it. Did you trim everything (as per instructions) before soldering in the LCD?

Yep the problem is probably a short under the LCD screeb, but I’m having a hard time removing the it :frowning: Any idea how to DIY remove solder? If not I’ll get some solder wick tomorrow :slight_smile:


I used to be really good at de-soldering! I don’t know what happened, because im terrible at it now… The wick is a good start though, as is a solder sucker. Fortunately both are cheap…
Also, apply fresh solder before removing it all again… It flows better that way.

Good luck!