LCD issues

Having issues with the LCD. I think it might be dead. I get nothing on the display. Backlight is on. I get 4.9 volts on the center pin of the dimmer. Everything else seems to work fine. Any ideas before I try to desolder and swap displays?

Yeah, are you aware of the fact that you need to turn the trimmer 25 times in one direction before you have been all the way trough its range?

If you have turned it 25 times one way, turn it 25 times the other way, while watching the display.
If there’s still nothing going on, unplug the shruthi, and re-solder the trimmer+the LCD.
Then start over. :slight_smile:

The characters start to show up when the voltage on the middle pin of the trimmer is in the 0.2…0.9V range (depends on the LCD type). If it doesn’t change when you turn the screw, try in the other direction. If it still doesn’t change, there’s a bad solder joint.

Yeah tried turing the trimmer in both directions. I guess I will look for bad solder joints. Backlight is working but just a blank display.

Turned out to be a bad lcd. Ordered a new lcd from spark fun and it works great!