LCD (deep) fried

just few seconds after connecting the 9 dc power supply(usually used for my shruthi) I had the LCD smoking. I triple checked the components and I think they’re properly soldered. the only doubt is on the IC2 at this point…can a pin short cause this? I think the midipal is gone…:frowning: Olivier you have a new midipal order to fullfil:-)

the only thing I forgot, is to solder the 3 pins of IC1 while I connected the power supply. the other side of IC1 was soldered. but the 3 unsoldered pins were touching the pads.

What I know is that the LCD doesn’t like voltages above 3.3V, though I don’t know how this could happen in your case :frowning: Someone had the same problem, but it was caused by connecting the output of a MIDI interface (with probably bad output isolation) to the MIDI output of the MIDIpal.