LCD current limiting resistor question

Hello, I have this LCD display from mouser and I’m about to put it into my Ambika.

I can’t find any info on if this one needs a current limiting resistor or not. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

This LCD needs no resistor for the backlight, just a wire bridge.

The only ones I have come across that need it are the Kyocera (used to be Optrex) with the white plastic bezels. Those MUST have one

Thanks a lot!

BTW: You can still use a resistor, it won’t break anything. It will just turn the dislay a little darker.

@altitude: yes, now I know it, too :wink: I destroyed the backlight of a Kyocera LCD because I was to lazy to look in its data sheet. It worked for some seconds, though.
Is it possible to repair/replace the backlight of a Kyocera LCD?

Yes, but is a nightmare to do. They are tiny side facing 0805 SMD parts that are plastic and melt easily…